• A Slice of Bingo Slang!

    There are many reasons why Bingo has attracted millions of followers worldwide. One is the prizes that Bingo offers. Another could be the thrill of winning those prizes and last, but not least, is the rich and colorful Bingo slang that has evolved with the game.

    If you are yet to experience the long lasting Bingo fun, there is still time left for you to maximize your potential in speaking that Bingo slang.

    Front of House - When you hear someone say front of the house, this refers to the table located at the front door.

    Early Bird - Early Bird is the set of Bingo games which are held prior to the main Bingo game schedule.

    Eyes Down - Eyes down means Get Ready! Bingo caller shouts this phrase to prepare Bingo players as the game is about to begin.

    Market Bingo - This is a kind of Bingo game which allows you to play for goods and gift certificates.

    Aside from these Bingo slangs, the following are the Bingo terms which could help you become more familiar with the game. Remember, familiarity can sometimes be the key to maximize your winning potential.

    Admission Packet - An admission pocket refers to the required number of cards that you must purchase to be eligible to play in the Bingo game.

    Auto-purchase - The Auto-purchase is a software, which allows online Bingo players to automatically receive randomly chosen online playing cards. These cards are provided at the beginning of another set of Bingo games.

    Basket Bingo - This is a special form of Bingo game where the winning Bingo player receives a basket of goodies.

    Bingo Board - When you look for the combination of winning numbers announced by the Bingo caller, you may soon oblige yourself to be familiar with an electronic display board. This is the Bingo board which highlights those numbers that have already been chosen by the Bingo caller. Even, online casinos have their online Bingo Board versions.

    Blackout - A blackout is considered to be one of the difficult kind of Bingo pattern. This Bingo pattern is usually reserved for the main Bingo event.

    Buy-in - Buy-in is a Bingo term you can use when you decide to give money as a deposit. This deposit would enable you to play a Bingo game.

    Cash-In-Prize - Cash-in-prize refers to a part of an online Bingo game which makes you win jackpot prizes in the form of cash payouts. The money is usually taken from the Buy-ins made before the game.