• Bingo Luck or Concentration

    Is bingo a game of luck where what ever number comes up is going to come up or is it really a game of high concentration of the player?

    In the game of bingo we all realize that how the numbers come up is a random selection by a machine popping up ping pong balls with numbers marked on them and then the bingo caller telling everyone at the same time what that number is. It is a safe bet that bingo is a fair and normal game without any underlining crookedness involved.

    So is it a game of just luck then? Or is bingo really a game of deep concentration with all the superstitions and good luck charms to be a winner?

    First of all it is a game that requires all the players to match the numbers called out by the bingo number caller to the numbers that they have on their cards. The card they have is a set of five rows by five columns of numbers with each column identified by the letters B I N G O.

    A player then must match each number as it is called out if they have a corresponding number on their card. If the dealer calls out B7 then the player should annotate in some form or manner their B7 if it is on their card and so forth until a winning combination is made and they shout out the word Bingo to claim winning.

    Sounds real simple doesn't it?

    Remember there are several different patterns used in the many different games of bingo and before the game is started the particular pattern is announced. For example a single line only in the 4th row could be a game, or a T pattern, or an X pattern and even a black out pattern.

    When that pattern is announced then the player must match that pattern on their applicable card to become a winner and only if they are the first one to achieve that pattern among all the other players.

    So concentration on what is being called and what is on the individual players cards is required especially if it is a quick caller and the player is playing multiple cards. Ah, concentration is really important when playing multiple cards because one mistake can cancel out a winning card either in marking the wrong number on a card or missing all together a number called.

    Normally there will be up to a total of 75 numbers to be called by the number caller. So the requirement to concentrate is quite high. If playing more than one card the level of concentration increases by the number of cards played. The really successful bingo players will usually play what ever the maximum number of cards that is allowed.

    So bingo is actually a game of luck and a game of concentration. First a game of luck based on when the particular number that randomly pops up matches up with a number on your card. Second a game of concentration depending on the amount of cards the player is playing and keeping up with the numbers as they are called.