• Magic Number of Cards to Play

    What's the magic number in bingo - cards that is?

    In hopes to find that magic number of cards to play, the wise advice has always been to play as many cards "as you can". That makes sense, so we'll just see how many cards is one too many. So, if we're gonna ask how many bingo cards are available for play, well, it's a big number. There are as many as the combinations there are of the numbers 1-75 with the letters b-i-n-g-o in 5x5 boxes can be.

    The purpose of playing any game is winning, so statistically the more cards we have in play, the better chances we have of getting the big prize. But hold on, if we have 30 or 50 cards on our table the chances of screwing it up is so high. The time it takes to go over that many cards and dabbing when a number is called would take too long. The next thing we know the next ball is called and sure, we can look up at the game board and check but by that time we'd miss out on the rhythm and maybe our chances in that play too.

    So, it's safe to say that one to five cards is very manageable but playing those odds against, shall we say 200 doesn't look very attractive. Consequently, the normal number of cards to play is around ten to 16. That way we can arrange the cards per row so our eyes wouldn't need to rove around too much. And 16 cards arranged in four columns and four rows seem to be the easiest position to look at and dab without hassle. The odds may not be too great with those numbers too but we can beat those odds by getting the ten to 16 cards with the best combination there are.

    The b-i-n-g-o letters are present in all the cards so we shouldn't worry about that. The matter we should pay attention to are the numbers 1-75. Common sense tells us that the numbers 8 and 9 would come up less than all the others so that's one thing we should consider. The average of those combinations is 38, so we should choose the cards with the numbers that are close to 38. And it's still best to spread out the numbers in the different cards that we'd be playing in order to improve the chances that we may actually get to dab on a card on our table.

    Ten to 16 cards are convenient to play with and may be the magic number in the game. And if we are going to be able to play the number of cards that we can manage, we should try and get the cards with the most probable combinations that would be called in a round. It's still best to keep in mind that bingo is a game of chance. Keep your head in the game and be alert so that when you get the winning pattern, don't forget to yell out, "bingo!"